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It is hard to go away and leave the family pet behind, but I am here to help. You don't have to let strangers in your home to care for your pet. You don't have to leave your pet in a noisy, scary kennel. Here your family pet can be a part of our family and not have to be caged. Your pet will get love and attention in my home. My job is to care for your family pet, to keep them safe, keep them happy and always making sure they are having fun! Your pet will not feel lonely since there is always someone for him or her to play with!!!

I am a semi-retired Vet Technician. I foster animals in need. I have been a petsitter for many years offering your family pet(s) a home that they can call their own.
  I cannot, accept aggressive dogs.
All pets MUST be in good health.
* Please note that I keep my home and property clean , but I cannot guarantee that your pet cannot pick up a flea from outdoors . Flea protection is not always 100%.

cat sleeping graphicI provide bedding, bowls, and treats for your pet as well as a fenced-in yard and walks. I can give any medication or special treatment your pet needs. I live on a quiet, dead-end street. Your pet will never be left outside unattended.  I  will never crate your pet unless you request it. Your pet can cuddle in my room at night to sleep. There are toys to play with and lots of love for each family pet I care for.

You need to provide your pet's food, as a sudden change of diet is both physically and emotionally stressful for pets. For the same reason, you need to be sure to bring your pet's favorite toys for comfort while you are away. You must provide proof that your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations, either by email or when you bring your pet to my home.

Please email me at lovingpetcare.nancy@gmail.com to ask questions or to schedule a phone conversation, a visit to my home, or dates for your pets to come stay with me.


20-30 minutes from Ramsey, Mahwah, Allendale area

15-20 minutes from Paramus, Park Ridge, Ridgewood area

5-10 minutes from Westwood, Closter, Alpine area

40-45  minutes from West Orange area

25 -30 minutes from Bloomfield/Nutley area